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Land Rover Series for sale in Florida


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Fuel: Petrol
Mileage: 5800
Drive side: RHD

1984 Land Rover Series Here For Offer Is A Chance To Own A Lovely Clean Series 3 Land Rover 109 (aka the Landy 109)

The Land Rover Motto: THE BEST 4 X 4 X FAR and ONE LIFE... LIVE IT!

I have a collection of these great Very Reliable rugged four by fours for sale that I have owned and run for many years. These trucks have been voted the best car ever built in a world wide survey by the TV show Top Gear. And I for one totally agree. Used buy Farmers, Doctors, Missionaries, Land Surveyors, Aid Workers, Hunters, The British Royal Family, Winston Churchill Himself and the Militaries of around the world including the SAS and US Special Forces. The US Army Rangers used them instead of the Hummer because of its overall capability and reliability especially in urban terrain and the light weight aluminum body of these trucks make them great air portables for use in Snatch and Black Ops missions. This 109 Landy comes with its own Military history with a full report from the British Ministry Of Defence showing it was in service with the OTC (Officer Training Corp) London Uni From 1984-97. This being the same Military University that all the Princes such as Harry and William went to along with Sandhurst. Then was sold to ADT Blackbush. This Landy with very low miles has been maintained very well even in its Civy life. The Military Landys are stronger and better set up then the civilian counter parts. They have the stronger 5 bearing motor instead of the 4 bearing motor, stronger axles and stronger chassis. They are also set up for deeper river wading than stock.

This cool Landy is the last year of the series 3 Land Rovers before the next line of Landy 90's and 110's (Defenders). It has lots of paper work that will come with it including the full legal import paperwork declarations. This good looking Landy has been demilitarized in its looks to fit into the civy life style with a shiny coat of Deep Forest Green Gloss paint and the Military bumpers removed and replaced with the nicer refined civilian ones. A nice rock slider bar on each side really helps to prevent door dings from that car park clown who has no respect for your car give it a grander, richer rugged look as well as ground clearance appeal. The rear tail gate has been modified from a drop to a fully opening swing gate without taking away from its original looks with custom folding steps on the sides and rear make it easer for the kids to climb in and out of. It has a Clean Florida Title. It is very clean throughout and under. It runs great and for these trucks (If you are lucky to ever have driven in one) really is one of the best I have driven. You can talk to any of your 10 passengers without shouting at the top of your voice, it is smooth and solid. Bearing in mind this is a 31year old unrestored Landy, these trucks are very basic and yet have changed very little over the years since 1948 to todays new Defender. That is 67 years!!!.. It is the longest production vehicle in the worlds history. It wasn't broken so they didn't fix it. They were only ever built to do great things.

If you are looking to buy a fun do anything, go anywhere truck such as this, you would not regret buying a Land Rover Series 109. Best fun you will ever drive and once you get the bug... You will be hooked for life!

Answers To Some Misconceptions Some People Have About A Right Hand Drive (RHD) Landy As apposed To A Left Hand Drive (LHD) Landy

RHD cars are NOT illegal on the roads in the USA....Example, Mail Trucks are RHD

It is much mistaken that you will not be able to drive a RHD stick shift if you have only ever driven a LHD one. (Unless you are missing a left arm.) It will be like second nature in less than 10 minutes or about the time you have driven around the block.

Driving on the right side of the truck as apposed to the left has no lesser advantage on most roads in the USA. The roads are mostly dual and three lanes and are driven on what ever lane anyone feels like driving in regardless. The only time you could have a bit of a problem is overtaking a car on a winding two way road (Looking around the car in front to see what is coming toward you). But this is not likely to happen in a Land Rover Series as they are not that fast.

The Land Rover Series 1,2,2a and 3's were built from the start to be RHD. They have more room in the RH side foot well for the peddles. The LHD peddles are very close together and if you have large feet like myself it can be a bit of a task in the small space. The RHD peddles are set up in the same configuration as the LHD peddles (The gas is on the right, break in the middle and the clutch is on the left). The gear shifters high/low and 4x4 shifters are set up to be for the RHD in the right hand foot well (even in the LHD's), Making it a better to reach and more comfortable driving in the RHD drivers seat then the LHD counterpart that you need to lean way over to the other side to change your 4x4 selection. Also the foot pedal boxes in the engine bay of the RHD are not blocking the intake or exhaust manifolds like that of the LHD so it is easer to get in and fix/service any parts that may ever need fixing/servicing.

Over all in many ways that a true Landy owner will tell you who has ever had a LHD and a RHD Landy. The Land Rover Series 1-3 is a better truck in RHD than the LHD as that is how they were meant to be from the start. Why have the lesser? (unless you don't have a left arm)

Call Hours Of 0900-2100 any day

Tel: 5612759365 or 5618561106
Asking price: $19500 open to offers

Contact: john 5612759365,
Location: Delray Beach - Florida (USA)
Ref no.: 5593 [ Email]
Last updated: 07 Apr [Update now]
Advert views: 4051

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